Hey Everyone! We want to start the year off by thanking you all for your support. We’re excited to be going into our 5th year! 

Here’s some information, reminders and updates that we’d like to share. 

This year we’re hoping to do more original, unique pieces. We have portfolios full of original artwork & we’re open to new, fun ideas. We’ll also be featuring work that we’d like to do for special pricing. This will be on our website and Instagram-so make sure you follow us! 

We’ll both be doing tattoo conventions throughout the year, as a studio & individually. You can always check our Facebook page & Events section on our website. 

We’ve made things much easier for you all by having the option to put down your deposits online & also purchase gift certificates. 

Our FAQ’s are also located on the website. You can get answers to a lot of questions you have there. 

Please remember we’re a small studio so it’s hard to accommodate a lot of walk-ins at one time. Although we do take walk-ins, it’s best to book ahead if possible.(Weekdays are usually the best days to walk-in.)

We’re still looking for a third artist! Spread the word and let all your friends know we’d like a female artist to complete our team!

Lastly, we’d like to say thanks again. We've enjoyed building up our clientele and meeting so many new people. We only ask to get that same respect & consideration in return. We’re very humble & down to earth here, but please respect us just like you would any other professional. Please only contact us within business hours-unless we contacted you first. Things like texting or messaging us at 1 am are not acceptable at all. There’s still a line of professionalism that shouldn’t be crossed, ever. We’re always open to suggestions as client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. 

Thank y’all!!

Ink Master-Blowouts are for salons!

Roly was robbed on the chest piece. He had one of the most readable and cohesively designed pieces. And not to mention it was well tattooed. 

I don’t understand how the judges missed that. If you can’t read a tattoo or understand what’s going on in it then you missed the mark. 

Size doesn’t always matter! (Ask my wife!)😂 A tattoo needs balance, rhythm and it needs to be readable. 

Blowouts are for salons! Yeah, they happen to the best of us. However, a blowout should not win in a competition. So what are the judging perimeters going forward? Can people get away with flaws, trauma to the skin, etc? 

What are the definite standards of this competition? And also should every judge be   a Veteran in the industry? Does having tattoos or being a fanatic qualify you to make judgments on something that you yourself don’t hold the skills for? 

Also, Anthony was robbed. That head piece was dope and it had NO blowouts!!!




Wanna say thanks to all of our clients that we have built mutual, respectful relationships with over the last few years.🙏🏾 Look out for some updated information soon.

The guys will be in North Carolina this upcoming weekend for the All American Tattoo Convention! If you’re from our hometown, it’s only a couple of hours away-fun little road trip! And one of the best Conventions out there! Don’t miss it. Come and support the guys!



We also have new merchandise & artwork available! Take a look—-> HERE!


Fairweather people...

"Everybody that's riding with you ain't riding for you. Let the gas run out and see who helps you push."

This statement couldn't be more true of how users operate. When things are going well, even if they didn't contribute, everything's all good and they sit back and benefit from your hard work. But as soon as the road gets bumpy they bail and blame you for their incompetence and lack of drive, grit and hustle. These type of people ALWAYS need you more than you need them, but they TRY to make it seem as if you need them. 

Drive is an innate characteristic. EIther you have it or you don't. It can't be faked or camouflaged. You have to want it and make the necessary sacrifices in order to obtain it. You cannot sit back and simply gain off of others success. At some point you have to go get it yourself. If you don't want to put in the work when times are hard then you cannot expect ME or anyone else to care.

Surround yourself with people who drive you, motivate you and mutually respect you. If you see that people who you've helped give others (who don't care about them) more respect than you then they are showing how they feel about you. Believe em' the first time.  


Being a complete asshole isn’t a requirement to be a good tattoo artist.

Like with any other career, some things that happen in this industry will definitely frustrate you..(see my previous blog.) But this isn’t cause to make people feel inferior or walk around like you’re a Savior. People who act this way exude insecurity and they try to deflect these feelings by putting them on you.

We’re not doing open heart surgery or finding the cure for cancer. We are able to go in to work and create beautiful art. Making people feel good & look good is very satisfying. Some may argue that it’s on the same realm of plastic surgeons. You’re giving someone something that makes them happy, memorializing special moments, covering scars and adorning people with art that they will wear forever.

None of this negates respect & common courtesy. No artist should make you feel uncomfortable or belittle you, especially in a professional setting. I always tell people when looking for artists, Google. Read reviews, look at their work & ask people you know for their unbiased opinions.

No one wants to pay anyone to make them look and feel bad about themselves. Do your homework.

We’re not all assholes!

New Studio F*ckn' Rules.

How many of you would walk into a grocery store or shoe store and ask the owner to give you the merchandise for a lower price? How many of you would go to a restaurant or salon and receive stellar service and not tip? How many of you have gotten deals that were exclusive to only you, but decided to tell your friends or family members to go and ask for that same deal (even though it wasn't intended for everyone?) Would you call or text your landscaper at midnight because you changed your mind about the type of flowers you want? Most reasonable people would not behave this way. So why is the behavior so different when it comes to tattoo artists?

These are all simple questions that I truly would appreciate the answers to. It's hard to keep a smile on your face when people constantly want to use you. Then they turn around and get mad when you demand respect and expect to be valued. 

There is so much that goes into preparing for and actually tattooing a tattoo. Professional tattoo artists use tattooing as a means to support themselves and their families. They aren't tattooing just for fun anymore. Yes, they may enjoy it, but please remember to take into account the complete process behind the scenes and all the effort that's put into your tattoo.

I do truly appreciate all of my clients, especially the ones that appreciate and respect me and my work, but because so many people have been disrespectful and unappreciative-there are new shop fuckn rules that will be implemented!