FAQ/Shop Rules



Welcome! We’re happy to have you. To make this a great experience, we have a few tips. 

Please be respectful while visiting our studio. This is a small studio so there’s not a lot of room for egos, rudeness, disrespect, and nastiness. If at anytime you have an issue, please contact the owner. You can do this in person, via email or website and by phone. Our goal is to provide outstanding service and to make you feel as welcome as possible. 

-18+ only (no way around it)

-Our studio minimum is $60. 

-Military discount is 10%. 

-Deposits are required before any artwork is created. This deposit will be credited towards the total. 

-We can’t tattoo anything from the neck up, sorry. 

-Please call for a party of people. We have to have notice in order to accommodate that. 

-Pick your artist. Portfolios are available on our website, Facebook & Instagram & physically in the studio. 
*If you are referred, please specify which artist & also let us know who sent ya!


-Contact your preferred artist during regular business hours (unless they contact you outside of those hours.)

-Try to be as specific as possible. Once you’ve established contact with your artist, be specific and detailed about the art that you want & your expectations. If you have questions please ask them at any time. Please understand all of this is to avoid last minute changes that then result in more time for your session. 

-*If any changes are made after the artwork is approved that can result in a fee. 

-Deposits are non-refundable-Unless the artist is responsible for the cancellation. 24 hours notice is expected for reschedules. We understand that things happen so please contact your artist as soon as possible if you can’t make your appointment. 

-Each Artist has their own pricing, preferred method of contact, and way they like to do things. Please respect that. 

-Take care of your tattoo. Please follow all directions given by your Artist. If you have questions please contact them directly or call the studio. (But use good ole’ common sense and keep it clean & leave it alone.)

-Smoking is only allowed outside in the designated area. Vaping is only allowed outside. 

-No weapons are allowed in our studio. 

-Kids are allowed, but please be mindful of other clients and their experience. 

-Alcohol & drugs are not allowed & you will not be tattooed under the influence. 

We cater to an array of people so please be mindful. 

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