Ink Master-Blowouts are for salons!

Roly was robbed on the chest piece. He had one of the most readable and cohesively designed pieces. And not to mention it was well tattooed. 

I don’t understand how the judges missed that. If you can’t read a tattoo or understand what’s going on in it then you missed the mark. 

Size doesn’t always matter! (Ask my wife!)😂 A tattoo needs balance, rhythm and it needs to be readable. 

Blowouts are for salons! Yeah, they happen to the best of us. However, a blowout should not win in a competition. So what are the judging perimeters going forward? Can people get away with flaws, trauma to the skin, etc? 

What are the definite standards of this competition? And also should every judge be   a Veteran in the industry? Does having tattoos or being a fanatic qualify you to make judgments on something that you yourself don’t hold the skills for? 

Also, Anthony was robbed. That head piece was dope and it had NO blowouts!!!