Being a complete asshole isn’t a requirement to be a good tattoo artist.

Like with any other career, some things that happen in this industry will definitely frustrate you..(see my previous blog.) But this isn’t cause to make people feel inferior or walk around like you’re a Savior. People who act this way exude insecurity and they try to deflect these feelings by putting them on you.

We’re not doing open heart surgery or finding the cure for cancer. We are able to go in to work and create beautiful art. Making people feel good & look good is very satisfying. Some may argue that it’s on the same realm of plastic surgeons. You’re giving someone something that makes them happy, memorializing special moments, covering scars and adorning people with art that they will wear forever.

None of this negates respect & common courtesy. No artist should make you feel uncomfortable or belittle you, especially in a professional setting. I always tell people when looking for artists, Google. Read reviews, look at their work & ask people you know for their unbiased opinions.

No one wants to pay anyone to make them look and feel bad about themselves. Do your homework.

We’re not all assholes!